Hi.   So, here’s what’s new with my writing.  Piker Press is going to publish my short story, The Devil’s Punch Bowl.  It should be on line by the end of July.  The Devil’s Punch Bowl is a paranormal biker story.  My short story, A Vacation in Hell, another zombie story, should be out in Dead Worlds: A Zombie Anthology Volume 7, sometime near the end of July.  The Dead Worlds series is published my The Living Dead Press.  My novel, Door Number Two, an action adventure novel, is still with the editors and they say it should be ready for me to review by the end of July or mid August.  In the mean time, I am working on a science fiction novel, writing more short stories and putting my face in the wind with my brothers in the American Cruisers M/C.
7/1/2010 17:04:50

Hi David

Congratulations on your new book!
God bless


2/13/2011 23:02:07

Instant is good, no seizing the moment is sad.


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