I’ll start with at few lines about what’s going on with me.  My short story collection, Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations, published by The Living Dead Press, is on sale at Amazon.com and on Barnes and Noble’s webpage.  You can get it in trade paperback or on Kindle or Nook.  Monroe’s Paranormal Investigations is a collection of stories about Mike Monroe, an ex military paranormal investigator and his ultra hot partner, Roxanne Delany.  Mike calls her Roxy.  They battle werewolves, vampires, zombies and other creatures that go bump in the night.  If you like your horror fiction with a little sex and humor mixed in, then this might be the book for you.

My science fiction novel, Tale Spinner is also available at Amazon.com, on Barnes and Noble’s webpage plus other places on the internet.  Otherworld Publications publish it.  Tale Spinner is the story of, Brandon Merryweather, a timid young New York accountant that likes to read.  One day Brandon steps out the front door of his Manhattan apartment, hears a clap of thunder, sees a flash of blue light and closes his eyes in fear.  When he opens them, he finds himself in Greedy Gulch; the 1880s boomtown from the Western novel he’s been reading. Brandon must learn how to survive in this new savage land.  By the end of the tale, Brandon bounces back and forth, transported from New York, to the old West, to outer space and Los-Angeles of the 1940s.  Each place he lands in the world fiction, the people call him the new Tale Spinner and expect him to finish the tale.  The final confrontation takes place when the characters from the land of fiction come to his world for a show down.  If you like good science fiction, then this might be the book for you.

A few days ago, I sent off a submissions package to Otherworld Publications for the first book in a new science fiction series titled The Battle for Europa.  It’s about revolution in the twenty third Century.  I am also planning a men’s action adventure series.  I finished the first book, Thunder Road and I am trying to get an agent to handle that one for me.  I just finished the rough draft of a biker short story and I am getting ready to start my next novel.

I’d like to say a little bit about the process.  My writing process, that is.  I work the evening shift, so when I get home from work, about 11:30PM, I log onto the internet, check my email, face book and other sites that I go to and after I am done with that, I write.  When I finish whichever project I am working on, I set it aside for a while and move on to something else.  When I go back to a project for editing, I check for things such as spelling, repeated words and parses and grammatical errors; I add details and description.  I might remove a scene or add another one.  I keep working on it until it is the best that I can do.  Then I have my wife proof read it and see if she can find anything that I missed.  Only then do I send it in for publication.  My advice to people seeking publication is simply to write.  Set aside a certain time block each day to write.  You can read all the how to books you want, but you learn to write by writing.  Being a constant reader also helps.  To be a good writer, you have to love to read.  Words should become your passion.  That’s about it for now, but feel free to send me any questions or comments you may have.  Until the next post, just keep on writing.   

Hey.  I thought I’d write another blog to let everyone know what’s going on with my writing.  My short story, A Vacation in Hell is now available published in Dead Worlds 7 Undead Stories, an anthology published by The Living Dead Press.  I just sent the edits back for my Novel, The Tale Spinner.  The Advance Readers Copies will go out on November 11.  It will be available for preorder on March 8th and released by Otherworld publications on April 22 2011.  I still haven’t heard back from IE Novel about my book, Door Number Two.   I am working on some new stories for The Living Dead Press.  We are working on a deal where they will publish a book using all of my stories that I have wrote for them so far.  When the release date for The Tale Spinner gets close, Otherworld Publications has plans for me to do an interview over internet radio and do some book signings.  That's about it.  When I’m not working, I just keep doing what I do: Reading, writing and riding my motorcycle

I usually write at night, after I come home from work.  When I start a new story or another writing project, I keep at it, plugging away until I complete the rough draft.  Then I let it set for a week or so and go back through it, tweaking it several times until it is the best I can do and then I let my wife Marlene read it.  She is my first reader.  After taking in her advice, I might tweak it some more, and send it in to a publisher.  Then comes the hard part: waiting.  Editors love making writers wait, but I don’t sit on my hands.  I start the next project.

You also need a thick skin to be a writer.  You get a lot of rejections.  You get a lot of no’s but it only takes one yes.  I wrote for years with out getting anything published, but now I have about five or six short stories published in anthologies, a couple published on line and two novels coming out.  My Novel, The Tale Spinner, will be available for pre order from Otherworld publications on 03/08/2011 and I should have my novel, Door Number Two back from IENovel’s editors next month.  I am also working on a science fiction novel and an anthology consisting of my own stories.  That is about it for now, but my advice to people who would like to get published is just keep on writing.

One thing that I was never good at is waiting.  When you write for publication, you have to get used to it.  Right now, I am waiting for the editors at IE Novel to proof read my manuscript and send my novel, Door Number Two, back to me for my inspection.  I am also waiting for my novel, The Tale Spinner, to come out.  Otherworld Publications say that they will publish it in April of 2011.  I am also waiting for my short story, A Vacation in Hell to come out in Dead Worlds, volume 7, a Zombie Anthology.   It should be out soon, published by The Living Dead Press.  While I am waiting, I keep on writing, working on new projects.  I am getting a science fiction novel, The Battle for Europa, ready to send in and I am working an anthology containing only my stories for The Living Dead Press.  That’s about it for now, just hurry up and wait.  
Hello everyone.  I just thought I’d drop a few lines to let everyone know what’s going on with my writing.  I’m still waiting for my short story, A Vacation in Hell, to come out in Dead Worlds 7, a Zombie Anthology.  My novel, Door Number Two, published by IE Novel, should be back from the editors in mid August.  I just signed the contract for Other Worlds Publication to publish my novel, The Tale Spinner.  They plan to release it in April of 2011.  Until then, I’m working on other projects.  I am currently working on a science fiction novel and I am putting together an anthology of my own short stories for the Living Dead Press.  One thing about writing for publication is that you have to be patient.  So when I’m not writing, I’m either working or riding my MC.  Peace out.
Hi.   So, here’s what’s new with my writing.  Piker Press is going to publish my short story, The Devil’s Punch Bowl.  It should be on line by the end of July.  The Devil’s Punch Bowl is a paranormal biker story.  My short story, A Vacation in Hell, another zombie story, should be out in Dead Worlds: A Zombie Anthology Volume 7, sometime near the end of July.  The Dead Worlds series is published my The Living Dead Press.  My novel, Door Number Two, an action adventure novel, is still with the editors and they say it should be ready for me to review by the end of July or mid August.  In the mean time, I am working on a science fiction novel, writing more short stories and putting my face in the wind with my brothers in the American Cruisers M/C.
Well, my short story Biker Heaven had its week on the front page of Piker Press.  If you missed it there, I posted it on my Author Nation and my Author’s Den pages.  Just go to my links page and click on the link.  I sent the sequel, a short story entitled The Devil’s Punch Bowl, in to Piker Press, but I haven’t heard back from them yet.  I’m working on another zombie story called, A Vacation in Hell and I am still waiting to hear back from the editors at IE Novel on my book, Door Number Two.  On the motorcycle scene, I went with my club brothers in the American Cruisers MC to the Vets home in Barstow and we hung out with the Vets while they played bingo and then on Memorial Day we rode to the cemetery and attended a ceremony to honor our fallen heroes.  That’s about it for now.  Please feel free to leave a comment.
Hello.  I thought I would start my first blog by letting everyone know what's happening with my writing.  My werewolf story, Border War just got published in an anthology with The Living Dead Press.  My biker zombie story, Biker Heaven is coming out as the cover story on May 17th at Piker Press.  I'm working on a sequel to that one right now and my novel, Door Number Two is with the editors of IE Novel.  That's about all I'm up to for now except working and riding my MC.  Take care.