In my last blog about why I ride a motorcycle, at the end I mentioned that our club, The American Cruisers, is a brotherhood.  I forgot to mention that we have some cool sisters too.  The sisters in our chapter have an array of talent.  From a retired Army Lt. Colonel, women who work to help support the family, to homemakers, we have an accomplished photographer and my wife Marlene, who has a degree in music and loves to sing and play the piano.  One thing these women have in common is that they support their men and the club.  Most women join the club in association with their man, some wear the patch and some do not.  Some ride their own motorcycle and some ride on the back with their man.  What you will not find, is a woman in the club wearing a patch on her back saying: Property Of.  We love and honor our sisters in the club and you won’t find them at the front trying to leading their man around by the nose.  You won’t find them walking two steps behind their man; you will find them walking side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with their man, where they belong.
Wolfman Carl
7/15/2010 09:42:59

Amen to that.


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