Hurry up and wait, and then wait somemore.  I think the hardest part of knowing that my novel, The Tale Spinner is coming out in April, is the waiting, but while waiting for that to happen, I am busy with other things.  I also have a short story, entitled, The Halloween Party coming out soon in an anthology published by The Living Dead Press.  I’ve give up on IE novel and my novel Door Number Two is on the back burner.  IE novel decided to change to a consulting business that helps you self publish your book.  I chose not to go that route, so I guess I’ll find a publisher for Door Number Two later.  Maybe Otherworld Publications will pick it up sometime in the future.  Things are busy right now with the MC club.  I went on a toy run and I’m looking forward to the Christmas party.  Until The Tale Spinner comes out in April, I’ll keep doing what I do: reading writing and riding my motorcycle. 

2/13/2011 23:02:11

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4/28/2012 08:35:33

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