I ride a motorcycle because, its part of who I am; it’s what I do.  It is a lifestyle I have chosen.  When I am on a long open road with my fist in the throttle, or I am sweeping trough the curves, I am exactly where I am supposed to be at that point in time and I am as free as I am ever going to get.  There are two types of people who ride motorcycles.  There is the motorcycle enthusiast and then there is the biker.  The motorcycle enthusiast likes to ride his machine, but it isn’t a main focus in his life.  When it’s too hot, or it gets too cold, he’s the first to put the bike away.  When he has financial trouble, the bike is the first thing to go.  A biker on the other hand rides his motorcycle as much as he possibly can, sometimes every day.  His motorcycle would be the last thing to go.  Riding a motorcycle is part of his lifestyle.  Sometimes he has tattoos, but sometimes not, he enjoys other pleasures, but riding his motorcycle is his main thing.

Ninety-nine percent of bikers are hard working law-abiding citizens, but sometimes they get a bad wrap.  I didn’t consider myself a biker when I first started riding, but the deeper I got into the lifestyle; the more I embraced the term.  The club I ride with, The American Cruisers, is a family orientated bike club.  We do things for the community, such as help out the local vet’s home, help hand out presents to need children at Christmas time and support our local community.  We are a brotherhood, we are bikers in the true sense of the word and I am proud to be a part of the club and call myself a biker.


5/24/2016 15:06:03

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