Hey.  I thought I’d write another blog to let everyone know what’s going on with my writing.  My short story, A Vacation in Hell is now available published in Dead Worlds 7 Undead Stories, an anthology published by The Living Dead Press.  I just sent the edits back for my Novel, The Tale Spinner.  The Advance Readers Copies will go out on November 11.  It will be available for preorder on March 8th and released by Otherworld publications on April 22 2011.  I still haven’t heard back from IE Novel about my book, Door Number Two.   I am working on some new stories for The Living Dead Press.  We are working on a deal where they will publish a book using all of my stories that I have wrote for them so far.  When the release date for The Tale Spinner gets close, Otherworld Publications has plans for me to do an interview over internet radio and do some book signings.  That's about it.  When I’m not working, I just keep doing what I do: Reading, writing and riding my motorcycle

11/4/2010 11:36:32

Hey David, Now i can see on your Blog you are very busy with your writing.
Keep on writing, reading and of course riding your motorcycle.
Ride safe....Ad


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