I usually write at night, after I come home from work.  When I start a new story or another writing project, I keep at it, plugging away until I complete the rough draft.  Then I let it set for a week or so and go back through it, tweaking it several times until it is the best I can do and then I let my wife Marlene read it.  She is my first reader.  After taking in her advice, I might tweak it some more, and send it in to a publisher.  Then comes the hard part: waiting.  Editors love making writers wait, but I don’t sit on my hands.  I start the next project.

You also need a thick skin to be a writer.  You get a lot of rejections.  You get a lot of no’s but it only takes one yes.  I wrote for years with out getting anything published, but now I have about five or six short stories published in anthologies, a couple published on line and two novels coming out.  My Novel, The Tale Spinner, will be available for pre order from Otherworld publications on 03/08/2011 and I should have my novel, Door Number Two back from IENovel’s editors next month.  I am also working on a science fiction novel and an anthology consisting of my own stories.  That is about it for now, but my advice to people who would like to get published is just keep on writing.

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