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Lorelei Bell
05/10/2010 10:51

Hello, David.
I came to see what was going on with you here.
You sound like a busy guy. Very glad to make your acquantance from Author Nation.
Happy riding and writing!

jessica donaghe
05/13/2010 12:52

love the books dad!

05/17/2010 21:02

Great site, David! I look forward to reading more of your work. Thanks for directing me here!

05/28/2010 16:03

Hello Dave,
Nice cover work on your books! I hope you have many more years of enjoying your bike. Unfortunately, I just put my bike up for sale. Arthritis of the hip is preventing me from riding. Bummer!!
Best of luck, Tom

05/31/2010 23:47

Hey David,
Good luck with your latest book.
I hope you are enjoying your ride.
love and hugs

06/06/2010 10:06

Wow, very nice. I hope to soon have enough books to warrant a site. Might try adding some excerpts to intice readers to buy. When I do get my own site, not one I have now, I'd like to have link to your page on my site and vis-a-versa. If you're ok with that. It's just good advertising for both of us. My first book an Ebook, has turned out to be horror, ghost story. "The Fishing Trip-A ghost Story!" I usually write action adventure. It'll be on Smashwords.com hopefully by the fifteenth of June. Great reviews so far.

06/06/2010 13:02

thanks for directing me here. love the site and look forward to reading more of your work!!

linda Manser
06/16/2010 22:07


your accomplishments just amaze me !!! I am proud to be a sister to a fellow brother in the American Cruisers....best of life is yours for the taking...write on !!

Angie Norman
06/20/2010 18:44


Wow, can't wait to read your stories. Like Linda, I am happy that you are my brother in the American Crusiers...You are the Man. Keep writing!

06/23/2010 19:31

Hey David,
I like your website. Very nicely done! The only thing I can think of to comment on his you might want to consider including an excerpt of your work. If you get the chance, check out my website for an example of what I'm talking about.
Best Regards, Bro.
Harrison Ray

Wolfman Carl
07/15/2010 07:50

Hey David,
I'm a new member ACMC120. Nice site! Perhaps one day will get chance to meet and ride.
Wolfman Carl ACMC120

07/18/2010 23:58

your work is good! i look forward to being able to purchase a copy of your novel!! i write, and have several ideas for books but can never quite figure out how to bring things to an end. how do you know when you are done, david? i'll be back!

09/22/2010 16:02

:) A+

10/01/2010 05:16

he who wants to fly must learn how to crawl,staggered and then stand before flying to the thin air of the space.perhaps we must understand that our future is unshaped but we can only shape it through our thought and decision.

10/01/2010 05:17

sometimes our dream controls our thought

10/11/2010 12:49

Hi David,

Impressive website. Congratulations on all the published works! Yes, we all have our box(es) of rejection slips. You are right about the "yes" making all the difference.

Thanks for sharing this website with me via Author Nation. Will tell others I know who love the genre you write in.

All the books looked super!

10/21/2010 10:51

Hey David,
I enjoyed reading your blogs, especially about the motorcicles.
I will click on your website again.
Feel free for writing and ride safe brother!

Michael Pokocky
11/25/2010 07:53

11/25/2010 07:55

Thanks for the follow on twitter. Looks like you know exactly what you're doing bro. Nice to meet you...the fox

01/25/2011 13:12

David, Thanks for sharing your work/site. Nice to meet another CA. person. I can't think of a better state to own a bike in. Great combo writing and riding...

02/13/2011 22:02

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03/24/2011 07:26

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06/07/2011 13:09

Thank you for friending me & hopefully you stop by my blog one day :)
I think your book about the paranormal investigations is NEXT on my list!
I have been looking for a story like that.
I am a HUGE HUGE zombie & vamp lover & basically I love ALL things that go bump in the night..

06/08/2011 01:22

Hey. Thanks for the cool comment. Zombie stories are cool. It's good to connect. I'll check out your blog.

06/11/2011 03:45

Hello David it is a pleasure to meet you as I know you are glad to meet me as well. Thanks for inviting me here and I hope we will have a lasting friendship. God 's blessings in all your endeavours of life

10/24/2011 07:58

Lorin Richter AKA Sugar
10/24/2011 08:00

I meant to say before I accidently hit the enter button is it is time for some new photos...Since I am your photographer. LOL...Great job very proud of you. Lorin


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